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Unit 7: Saving Energy Bài 1: Nối từ ở cột A với nghĩa thích hợp của từ trong cột B. Cột A Cột B Bài làm  crack receipt   solar gather   consumer not together or joined to something else   appliance someone who buys & uses goods and services   recent happening or starting a short time ago   separate switch off   suggest sun   turn off a machine or equipment that you have in your house   collect offer an idea or plan for someone to consider   bill line where something breaks    Bài 2: Chọn từ khác loại. A. good B. bad C. old D. beautiful A. suggest B. advice C. teach D. bought A. taught B. giving C. brought D. spoke A. are B. am C. was D. is A. have B. do C. is D. did A. names B. tables C. bags D. school A. sugar B. bananas C. salt D. chocolate A. in B. on C. though D. at A. me B. her C. their D. him A. slowly B. quickly C. frankly D. fast Bài 3: Chọn từ thích hợp trong khung điền vào chỗ trống. And But So  Or Therefore However  Tom is a careful student … Tom’s brother isn’t. Mike likes traveling to strange land … her parents like traveling, too. I thought they planted trees … they cut them down instead. People want to use cars. …., cars require so much energy to run. It isn’t very hot, … I turn off the air conditioner. How does your father go to work? ~ By car … by public transport? Every form of life requires a constant input of energy. …., we depend heavily on energy for our survival. Would you like to hace a glass of cold water …. you prefer a cup of hot tea? We don’t have much paper now, … we should try to save it. During the daytime, we can collecet solar power …. what about during the night?             Bài 4: Chọn cụm động từ trong khung để điền vào chỗ trống. Turn off Turn on Look for Look after Go on  Before leaving the room, remember to … all the lights. You must … the child carefully because he is playing with all these electric toys. I often … this small light to learn when I am in my own room. If there is no oen in the room, don’t … the TV. “What are you doing there?” ~ “I’m … a book on energy uses”. If you … using hot water for all your machine washes, your electicity bill will be higher. We can help save energy if we prepare food carefully before … the stove. Offices should … all the lights during the night. During the daytime, when the room is light enough, don’t … the lights. Let’s work together to … a better way to reduce energy uses.             Bài 5: Đọc đoạn văn sau. Almost all our energy comes from oil, coal, and natural gas. We call them fossils fuel. The earth’s fossil fuels are running out. What will happen when there are no oil, coal, and gas on earth? Scientists are trying to find and use other alternative sources of energy. We can use energy from the sun, the wind and the water. Solar energy is unlimited. The sun supplies all the energy used to grow plants, to evaporate water for rain, and to maintain the temperature of the planet. All are necessary for human life. If we are able to collect solar energy, we will be sure to have this abundant source of power. Another source of energy from nature is the wind. Wind power is clean and plentiful. Energy from the wind has been used for centuries to move ships, grind grain, pump water and do other forms of work. In more recent times, wind has been used to generate electricity. Water can also provide power. For a long time, people have used water to power machines. Some early uses of water power were mill grain, saw wood, and power machinery for the textile industry. Today water is mostly used to generate electricity. Chọn từ trong khung để hoàn thành câu. A. rain B. creat C. maintain