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BAI TAP ( UNIT 1-4) LOP 11

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REVISION ON UNIT 1 – 4 _GRADE 11 I. VOCABULARY: 1. She was in a very …………… situation. She felt so stupid and didn’t know what to say. a. embarrassing b. embarrassed c. embarrass d. embarrassingly 2. I don’t like that man. He has a ……… behavior. a. clever b. good c. interesting d. sneaky 3. Teenagers nowadays often have their own ……….. who they really love and imitate in different ways. a. idols d. situations c. songs d. movies 4. Can you imagine how I felt? a. know b. picture c. guess d. paint 5. There was a sneaky look on his face but I didn’t think about that. a. yellow b. unmanly c. slipery d. secretiv