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HỌC KỲ II A/ LÝ THUYẾT Vocabulary: Unit 9-16 Grammar structures 1/ Tenses: Present Simple, Past Simple, Present progressive, Past progressive, Future simple, Near future, Present perfect 2/ Passive voice 3/ Reported speech (Imperative, Statement, Yes/ No question, Advice) 4/ Question words before to – Infinitive 5/ “ ED” and “ ING” particilpes 6/ Adjectives followed by: An Infinitive A Noun clause 7/ Compound words 8/ Verbs + To Infinitive b/ BÀI TẬP SUPPLY THE CORRECT FORM OR TENSE OF THE VERBS She (not come) ____ until you (be) ___ ready When I ____ (see) Mr Pike tomorrow, I ___ (give) him your message. He promises he ___ (leave) before the sun ___ (rise). The man ___(sit) next to me was very nervous. Tom doesn’t enjoy ____ (laugh) at by other people. He suggested ____ (travel) around the town by bike. He has a lot of novels ____ (write) in English. The doorbell ____ (ring) while Tom ____ (watch) TV. What ___ you ___ (do) this time yesterday? I ___ (work) on the computer. Water ___ (cover) most of the earth’s surface. Ron’s parents ___ (die) when he was very young. He and his sister ___ (bring) up by their grandparents. We ___ (not play) football yesterday afternoon. The match ___ (cancel). Would you like ____ (come) to dinner on Friday? He stopped ____ (talk), then tried ___ (lift) a box into the lorry. Don’t forget ___ (turn off) the lights before ____ (go) out. I hope ___ (finish) ___ (paint) ___ the house by the end of the week. Mr Robinson enjoys ____ (listen) to music while he ___ (drive). James is trying ___ (avoid) ___ (meet) him. She is said ____ (be) very good at cooking. What ___ you ___ (do) when we ___ (phone) you last night? Nam ___ (not have) his motorbike today. It ___ (repair) right now. Last night when the lights ___ (go) out, Rachel ____ (come) down the stairs. She almost ___ (fall) over. While my sister and I ____ (watch) a movie on TV last night, our uncle in the USA ___ (phone). Please continue your work, we don’t mind ___ (wait). Ha Long Bay in Vietnam ____ (be) the World Heritage Site. It ___ (visit) by millions of people every year. We want ___ (see) the house where William Shakespeare ___ (bear). He ___ (allow) ___ (open) a newe restaurant on the main road by the city council. You ___ (see) Mrs. Chi recently? Yes, I ___ (see) her at the school gate three days ago. Nam ___ (not buy) a new computer since he ___ (sell) the old one last month. I ___ (not have) a good night sleep for a long time. I now feel very tired. The sewing machine which you ___ (use) at present ____ (invent) in 1830 by a French. It’s dangerous ___ (swim) in the deep river. II/ CHANGE THESE SENTENSES INTO PASSIVE VOICE People throw away billions of cans all over the world every year. They collect the glass and send it to the factory. Mr Robinson taught us how to speak English properly. Who often writes letters? Noone saw him at school yesterday. What did he do to solve this problem? How many festivals do they celebrate every year? Our form teacher will hold a class discussion next Monday. How do people learn languages? My father decorated the Christmas tree with colored lights. They performed Christmas songs for people in town. Somebody must do something for the poor people. They have just built a new school near my house. People say that he is the best doctor. People said that the Pyramids of Egypt is one of the wonders of the world. Where did you take these photographs? They were cleaning the room when I arrived. After Tet holiday Vietnamese usually pant trees in their neighborhood. The teacher told us to work harder on English pronunciation. We can use the garbage to make fertilizer. They are decorating Christmas tree in the front door. They use recycled plastic to make toys and utensils. Does your country export rice to Britian? Do they they speak French and English in Vietnam? You should open the wine about an hour before you use it. II/ REPORT THESE SENTENCES: “