de khao sat chat luong mon tieng anh 8 co dap an

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Lớp: 8ATên: …………………………………….KIỂM TRA CHẤT LƯỢNG ĐẦU NĂM (2011-2012)Môn: Tiếng Anh 8Thời gian: 45’Điểm:I. Choose the word whose underlined and bold parties pronounced differently from that of the other words: (0,5pts) 1. a. mice b. device c. nice d. machine 2. a. wanted b. needed c. greeted d. watchedII. Circle the righ anwers:(2.5 pts) 1. A______is a person who can not neither speak nor hear a. blind b. sick c. deaf-mute d. old 2. He is not ______get married a. old enough to b. enough old to c. enough old to d. old enough for 3. She usually tells jokes. She is a______person. a. kind b. reserved c. humorous d. generous 4. Ba: Hello, this is Nam. Can I speak to Ba, please? Mr Lam: I’m sorry he’s out. Would you like to______? a. take a message b. tell her c. say something to her d. leave the message 5. That boy has short______hair. a. oval b. tall c. curly...