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Giáo án bồi dưỡng Tiếng Anh 8

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Preparing date: Teaching date: REVISION ON kinds of structures I- Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: -review : -ing and -ed participles -Would / Do you mind …………? - Develop 4 skills. II- Language content: 1. Vocabulary. 2. Structure. III- Teaching method: - Communicative approach. IV- Teaching aids: - Advanced books. V- Teaching steps: A-Theory -Asks students to remind the structure: -ing and -ed participles a. -Ing participle: đợc thành lập bằng cách thêm -ing vào sau động từ. - HTPT hay cụm HTPT có thể đứng sau một danh từ hay cụm danh từ để bổ nghĩa cho DT hay cụm DT đó. Eg: A coach crashed yesterday. It was carrying 50 passengers -> A coach carrying 50 passengers crashed yesterday b. -ed participle: đợc thành lập bằng cách thêm ed vào sau động từ có quy tắc và động từ bất qui tắc cột 3. Eg: The old lamp made in china í five dolla - Reminds students about the structures 1. Would / Do you mind + V-ing.......? Diễn tả yêu cầu lịch sự Eg: Would you mind closing the window ? 2. Would you mind + If I + V (past simple tense)........? Eg: Would you mind if I closed the window ? 3. Would you mind + If I + V (present simple tense)..........? Eg: Would you mind if I close the window ? B-Practice. EX1: Match a word from column A with a word of opposite meaning from column B Column A Column B Stressful friendly Expensive clean Noisy light Busy relaxing Unfriendly exciting Heavy quiet Boring peaceful Polluted cheap EX2: Write the meaning of the words and one example for each - friendly, simple, peaceful, medical facilities, entertainment, polluted, busy, crowded, exciting, traffic light, relaxing, boring EX3: Arrange the following sentences and change if neccessary 1. Spend / summer / the Browns / come / VietNam / want / their / in / vaation 2. VietNam / have / Mary / and / Dalat / to / she / be / twice / visit 3. Travel / see / the country / possible / want / train/ much / as / Peter / of / as / by 4. Water buffalo / about / the boy / us / the coutryside / a / ride / a lot / tell 5. Correct / you / math exercise / me / mind / do / you / for / this ? 6. English / some advice / I / would / If / give / study / mind / on / you EX4: Give correct form of the words in brackets 1. Every week, there are two (fly) from Ha Noi to Nha Trang 2. It’s difficult to find (accomadate) at busy times in this town 3. The train made a late (depart) 4. These are two train (day) from Ha Noi to Lao Cai 5. Ha Long Bay was (recognition) by UNESCO as a world Heritage side 6.He (learn)……………………………English since he was ten. 7. She fell asleep when she(read)………………………………. 8.This bridge (finish)……………………………..before Tet. EX5: Combine each part of sentences into one, using -ing or -ed participles. 1. At the end of the street there is a path. The path leads to the river. 2. Some of the people can’t come. They were invited to the party 3. Most of the goods are exported. The goods are made in this factory. 4. The house belongs to my uncle. It is built of words. 5. The girl is intelligent. She sit next to me 6. The boy is my neighor’s son. He’s playing in the yard 7. The woman was very interested in our project. She spoke to me on the phone. 8. The book is about places of interest in VietNam. It was written by Mr Jones. EX6: Use the words in the box in order to complete these sentences. 1. Do you mind..............your car ? It’s on my way. 2. Do you mind if I ...................the radio ? 3. Would you mind if I