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Date of planing:……………Date of teaching: .....WEEK 20Unit seven : Family membersSection B1,2,3: Period 39I.Aims and objects By the end of the lesson the students will be able to - identify family members.- ask the names of family members. II. Language contents * Vocabularies : * Structure : What is his name / her name ? His name is Hung. / Her name is Lan. III. Teaching aids Record, cassette, plan, teacher’s book, students’s book and workbookIV. Teaching methods : - Work in pairs and work in groupsCommunicative approachV. Teaching procedure: A. Organisation - Greeting - Checking students’s attendance B. New lessonTimeTeacher’s and students’ activitiesContents1. Warm up 2’+ Greeting by English+ Call the roll inorder to remember the students’ name. 9’T: Introduce the situations of the lesson by picture in the book. S: Look at the pictures and talk about it.T: Introduce new structure.S: Practice the structure ( all class )T: Follow them to correct their mistakes.S: Listen and repeat the...