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ĐỀ KIỂM TRA MÔN TIẾNG ANH 9 HỌC KÌ II LẦN II Thời gian: 45 phút ( Không kể thời gian giao đề) Code: 002 I/LANGUAGE FOCUS: Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete these sentences. (2.5pts) 1. A huge earthquake, struck the city of Kobe in Japan in………………. A. 1899 B. 1994 c. 1995 D. 1999 2. Tuan is an active student…………helps every body in orphanage. A. what B. whom C. which D. who 3.Tornadoes, Earthquake, Tidal wave are…………………………… A. natural disasters B. the names of some films C.animals D.the names of some trees 4…….They have many exercises to make, they are wathing TV now. A. Although B. But C. If D. so 5. The Aodai had many centuries in Vietnam ………….is a traditional dress. A. which B. whom C. whose D. who Join these sentences, use Relative clauses. (2pts) Ho Ngoc Ha is a good singer. He likes seeing her. 2. Kangaroos have long tails. They come from Australia. 3. Thao plays tennis well. She is wearing a white shirt. 4. Mr Nam is a millionare. His wife died two years ago. II/READING Read the text carefully then do as the following requirement.(2.5pts) The second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day. It’ s a public holiday in both Britain and America. On that day, children send Mother’s cards to their Mothers. They give their Mothers flowers or sweets as presents. Father and children do the cooking so that mother can have a rest. In the USA, Mother’s Day started in 1860s. There was a small town called Pruntytown in the middle of the USA. People in the town fought against each other during a war. After the war, they hated each other. Mrs. Ann Reeves Janis wanted the people to make friends with each other again. So, she started “ Mothers’ Friendship Day”. On that day, she visited all the other mothers in the town and said, “ Let us be friends with each other again” * Write true or false( T/F)in your paper 1. The first Sunday in May is Mother’s Day. 2. On that day, children give their mothers some flowers. 3. In the USA, Mother’s Day started in 1860s. 4. It happens at the big town. 5. She visited all the other mothers in town and said “ Happy Mother’s Day.” III/WRITING Write a passage a bout 70 words to say about preparing for Tet( 3.0 pts) The outline may help you; + Tet or Lunar New year holiday is the most important celebration for Vietnamese people. + Tidy the house + Clean the garden + Visit some relatives + Invite some friends for meals. + Have a sticky rice cake. THE END GOOD LUCK TO YOU !