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leson plan unit 13 writing lop 10

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LESSON PLAN UNIT 13: FILM AND CINEMA WRITING SKILL OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to + Make a detail outline of a descriptive about a film. + Write a descriptive paragraph about a film. Improve Ss’ writing skill TEACHING AIDS: Power point, board, textbook, computer, etc. PROCEDURE: Teacher’s activities Students’ activities  WARM UP: (5 ms) Game: lucky number Ask Ss to open the textbook at p. 137 and read the passage about film ‘Titanic’. Ask Ss to analyze the passage based on the suggested questions in textbook by playing game “lucky number”. + What is the name of the film? + What kind of film is Titanic? + What is it about? + Where is it made? + What is it based on? + Who are the main characters? + What do you know about the characters? + Does the film have happy or sad ending? Help Ss to elicit some new words if necessary. + tragic /`trædʒik/: bi thảm, thảm thương + sink /siηk/: chìm + liner /`lainə/: tàu +generous /`dʒenərəs/: phóng khoáng +engaged/ in`geidʒd/: hứa hôn PRE-WRITING: (20 ms) Game: listing (5 ms) Divide class into 3 groups Ask Ss to give a group representative Introduce the rules of game: + T gives a question: “Whenever describing a film, what do you refer to?” + Ss write their answer on board after 1 minute. + Group has more answer ( winner. Make an outline (15 ms) Ask Ss to give structure of a paragraph Ask Ss to analyze the structure of paragraph describing Titanic. Give some structures used in writing: + use the simple present + place: The film is shot and set in made in + content: The film discusses St/tells a story about It (the film) is about… Ask Ss to work in group of 4 to make an outline about “the film you have seen” based on the table and the mind map above. Pick up some outlines to give comment and correct mistakes. WHILE-WRITING: (10 ms) TASK 2: Write about a film you have seen. Use the description of Titanic and questions above as suggestions. Ask each group to write a paragraph in 10 minutes to describe a film that they have seen (use the designed outline) POST-WRITING: (10 ms) Ask Ss to share their paper with other groups to check mistake (focus on ideas and grammar mistakes) Call one or two groups to write their paragraph on the board as a sample to check and give feedback in front of class.  Play game Answer teacher’s question Read the passage Learn some new words. Play game. Give the structure and analyzing the paragraph + Topic sentence: Titanic is a tragic love story film. + Supporting sentences: all the last sentences + Concluding sentence: no concluding sentence Learn the structures Work in group and generate ideas. Make a detail outline. Work in group and write a paragraph about the film they have seen. Share paper with another group Write their paragraph on the board. Check their mistake and give comment on ideas.  HOMEWORK: Complete their writing Learn new words Prepare for the next lesson ‘language focus’