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2011-2012 Sè ph¸ch L­u ý: - §Ò thi gåm 4 trang, häc sinh lµm bµi trùc tiÕp vµo tËp ®Ò thi nµy. - Häc sinh kh«ng ®­îc sö dông bÊt cø tµi liÖu nµo kÓ c¶ tõ ®iÓn. _____________________________________________________________________ I. Chän ®¸p ¸n ®óng nhÊt ®Ó hoµn thµnh c©u (10 ®iÓm) 1. Jack is……. His jokes often make his friends laugh a lot. A. generous B. humorous C.easy-going D. unusual 2. I’m sorry. I’m not………to help you lift the table. A. enough strong B. too strong C. strong enough D. enough strength. 3. We…….in our present house for 5 years. A. live B. have lived C. are living